S2 Round 3

S2 Round 3

Still feeling the pain from last week our gurus try to adapt to life after The Room. We discuss CGI, new trailers, and Reboots. Find out who won, who lost, and who really sucks at this game. Blockbuster Pick-ems is now on Stitcher. Like us and rate us on Stitcher, iTunes, or Google Play! Play along at home this week and give us your top 5 films for the weekend of March 31st.

Releases for March 31st:

Ghost in the Shell: 3,440 Theaters

Boss Baby: 3,773 Theaters

The Zookeeper's Wife: 474 Theaters


Freddy Got Fingered

Gord Brody (Tom Green) is a struggling cartoonist trying to pitch an animated show to Hollywood executives. When he fails, he returns to his hometown with no choice but to live with his parents and younger brother, Freddy (Eddie Kaye Thomas). His father (Rip Torn) doesn't approve of Gord's career path, and pressures him to gain independence. As father and son exchange barbs, Gord comes up with a lie that changes everything: He claims his dad is molesting Freddy, leading to drastic consequences.


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Matthew O Sanford

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