Winning the game is simple: score the most points each week by ranking the top 5 highest grossing films in the box office. Scoring is broken down into 3 parts:

  • Film Title
  • Rank
  • Gross
Film Title

This one is easy, simply put the top 5 films in any order and win 5 points for each film correctly predicted. A perfect score in this category gets you 25 points


This one is pretty self explanatory: guess the correct film and place it into the correct rank and gain 5 points. A perfect score in the Rank category also gets you 25 points.


This is the hardest prediction (if you can consistently get this category right each week, then you might as well work for a studio). If we can get the correct dollar amount within .1 of the total gross, we are rewarded with 10 points. A perfect score(which will never happen, but whatever...) in this category is 50 points!

Adding up all 3 categories gives you a score out of 100 which can effectively be converted to a grade.


On the weekend of September 2nd 2016 these were the official top 5 grossing films:

1.) Don't Breathe $15.8m
2.) Suicide Squad $9.9m
3.) Kubo and the Two Strings $6.3m
4.) Pete's Dragon $6.3m
5.) Sausage Party $5.1m

As an example I submit the following rankings:

1.) Don't Breathe $14.7m
2.) Suicide Squad $9.8m
3.) Sausage Party $7.8m
4.) Morgan $6.9m
5.) Kubo and the Two Strings 5.0m

Scoring is as follows:
1.) Don't Breathe receives 5 points for being in the top 5. I get another 5 points for being the correct ranking. I did not, however, guess the correct gross.
2.) Suicide Squad gets the same as Don't Breathe; it was in the top 5 (5pts) and in the correct rank(5pts). But because I guessed the correct gross within .1, I get an additional 10 points for this one.
3.) Sausage party gets only 5 points for being in the top 5. I did not guess the correct rank, nor gross.
4.) Morgan gets a 10 because it wasn't in the top 5 at all, but it did guess the correct gross.
5.) Kubo and the Two Strings gets the same as Sausage Party: It was in the top 5, but did not get the correct rank nor gross.
The total for this entry would be: 45pts

The Challenge

Create your own top 5 rank every weekend, tag us on Facebook, Twitter, whatever, and we'll give you a shoutout if you beat us! If you don't, then we will probably make fun of you and continue to believe we are experts.