S4 Championship Round!

Matt and Mike have submitted their picks for the Championship round of the fiercest film competition on the internet! Who take home the ultimate glory? Its bound to be a close one folks! Don't miss the action as well as David's humiliation review of 9 Lives!


9 Lives


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S4 Playoff Episode!!!

Remember when David and Goliath fought? This is nothing like that. 2 gurus have made it into the playoff round and are ready to give their final picks for Season 4! Can the gurus correctly pick the weekend with films like Predator, and A Simple Favor coming out? Tune in

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S4 Episode 10

The last week of the regular season is upon us! A lot happened last weekend so you can't miss this action packed episode! We are dropping Dyce bombs and taking names. Find out what the film gurus think about The Nun. Is Crazy Rich Asians ever going to take a

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S4 Episode 9

The fiercest film competition on the internet is back! It's Labor Day weekend here at Blockbuster Pick-ems and we are in the final 2 weeks of scoring. Our gurus are letting it fly this weekend in hopes getting in the top 2! Who is right and who is wrong? The

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S4 Episode 8

With playoffs on the line the gurus can't make any mistakes! Crazy Rich Asians have topped the box office, can they hold the spot? Or will the Happytime Murders take its place? Find out what the experts think in this thrilling round of Blockbuster Pick-ems

Major releases for 8/24:

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