S2 Round 2

S2 Round 2

This week, the gurus were inspired by Tommy Wiseau's The Room. Never has a humiliation film been seen by all 4 of our contestants. The Room will likely go down in Blockbuster Pick-ems history as one of the worst humiliation films. Naturally, we decided the episode should be dedicated to The Room, so the one liners are flying and the plot holes are explored. Join us in ripping apart Mr. Wiseau's "Crashterpiece"

Releases for 3/24:
Power Rangers: 3,693 Theaters

CHiPs: +2,400 Theaters

Life: +2,500 Theaters

Slamma Jamma: +1,000 Theaters.


The Room

Johnny is a San Franciscan man who seems to have it all: a high-paying job as a banker, a bunch of friends--one of them being Mark, to whom he's the closest--and a beautiful fiancee named Lisa, whom he's been engaged to for seven years. From the outset, Johnny's got everything going for him...that is, until he faces the worst form of betrayal ever, and from then on everything begins to crumble.
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Matthew O Sanford

Matthew O Sanford

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