S3 Episode 2

S3 Episode 2

Commencing round 2 with another lightning round! With a new Tom Cruise movie on the horizon and a... rema-quel? The gurus are ready to battle it out for Blockbuster Supremacy. Lauren reviews the Adam Sandler classic, Jack and Jill. Matt can't keep it together. David talks about the similarities between It and The Ramen Girl, and Mike wishes Tom Cruise ran more. Check out Blockbuster Pick-ems S3 Episode 2!

Major Releases for 9/29 weekend:

American Made: 3,000 Theatres

Flatliners: 2,200 Theatres

Battle of the Sexes: 1,200 Theatres

Til Death Do Us Part: 550 Theatres


Jack and Jill

Thanksgiving is usually a happy time, but ad executive Jack (Adam Sandler) dreads the holiday because his twin sister, Jill (also Sandler), makes her annual visit. When Jack and his sister get off on the wrong foot, the only way to make it right is to invite her to stay through Hanukkah. But, when actor Al Pacino (Al Pacino), whom Jack desperately needs to star in a commercial, takes a shine to Jill, Jack may be forced to extend his sister's visit even longer.

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