S4 Episode 6

The box office is popping and our gurus are ready to slay their enemies on the Blockbuster Battlefield! Join us Thursday nights to find out what the experts predict and don't forget to play along and submit your picks! The Meg and Jason Statham are ready to take a bite out of Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible: Fallout. Does Dog Days have a chance to get into the top 5? Will Slender Man surprise or will it be cursed? Let us know what you think is going to happen in the Box office this weekend and submit your picks!

Major Releases for 8/10:

Dog Days*: 2,500 Theaters

The Meg: 3,900+ Theaters

BlacKkKlansman: 1,500 Theaters

Slender Man: 2,000+ Theaters


The True Memoir of an International Assassin

A mild-mannered author (Kevin James) is mistaken for an assassin after his novel about a hired killer is published as a true story. He is soon kidnapped and taken out of the country to help with an assassination plot.

Matthew O Sanford

Matthew O Sanford

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