S4 Episode 2

Our first week of competition is in the bag! Check out who won this week in Blockbuster Pick-ems. This week we spend a little bit more time on scoring and how to play, so watch/listen to the episode and play along at home. This week Adam Sandler battles Dwayne Johnson! Will Hotel Transylvania 3 top the charts this week? Or will Skyscraper save the day!? Send us your picks for this weekend and you can earn a shout-out on the podcast! Make sure to follow our Twitch Channel, Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe on iTunes and GooglePlay!

Major releases for 7/13:

Hotel Transylvania 3: 4,267 Theaters

Skyscraper: 3,782 Theaters


Dead Heat

When a dutiful Los Angeles police officer named Roger Mortis (Treat Williams) tries to apprehend robbers that happen to be zombies, he ends up as one of the undead himself. Since Mortis has managed to stay in his right mind, he aids his loudmouthed partner, Doug Bigelow (Joe Piscopo), in getting to the bottom of the macabre crime ring. Eventually the cops track down the villains, including Arthur P. Loudermilk (Vincent Price), and try to end their supernatural thievery.

Matthew O Sanford

Matthew O Sanford

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