S3 Episode 6

S3 Episode 6

"I want to play a game. Your whole life you've wanted to find a game that appeals to you, a game that will help you become a better person. Well, that game is here. All I ask, is that you simply provide me an educated guess on what movies will make the most money this weekend. It's Halloween, so there should be some spooky titles. The game is that easy. When you've given your top 5 movies, the puzzle you are locked in will release you, and you're free to go. Failure to play the game means certain... uh... well nothing really happens.... you're still free to go.... Will you learn your lesson in time?"


Major Releases for 10/27:

Jigsaw: 2,800 Theaters

Suburbicon: 2,046 Theaters

Thank You for Your Service (2017): 2,054 Theaters


Saving Christmas

Kirk's sister's annual Christmas party is about to be ruined by Christian, his brother-in-law, and Kirk realizes he has to show Christian how important Christ is to the holiday season.

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Matthew O Sanford

Matthew O Sanford

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