Blockbuster Pick-ems Episode 15

The Last week of regular season is upon us. Next week, Matt and Mike will be duking it out for Blockbuster Supremacy in a head-to-head match up where the winner takes all! Lauren reviews Lifeforce, Matt can't stop talking about Scientology, Mike isn't sure Rogue One will be in the top 5 (just kidding, of course it will be), and David is a Star Wars fan-boy through and through.

Major releases for 12/16:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: 4,157 Theaters

Collateral Beauty: 3,028 Theaters

Growing in Theater count for 12/16:

Manchester By the Sea: 1,208 Theaters


Lifeforce (1985)

It transpires that the aliens are a race of space vampires that consume the life force energy from living beings instead of blood. Meanwhile, in Texas, an escape pod from the shuttle Churchill is found with Colonel Tom Carlsen (Steve Railsback) still alive.

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Matthew O Sanford

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