Blockbuster Pick-ems Episode 13

Our competition is coming down to the wire! Who will dominate the box office and take Pick-ems Gold? Matt keeps mixing up Arrival and Allied, (in his defense they're pretty close) Lauren is on another level of sarcasm, David reviews Jennifer Lopez in Enough, and Mike thinks David is really good at guessing. Send us your top 5 on Reddit (r/boxoffice) Twitter, or Facebook

Major releases for 12/2:

Incarnate:1,737 Theaters



Working class waitress Slim finds her life transformed when she marries wealthy contractor Mitch. She settles into an idyllic suburban life and seems to have everything she wants: loving husband, beautiful home, and Gracie, an adorable 5-year-old daughter. Her dream is shattered when she discovers her husband is anything but perfect. His abusive behavior forces her to go on the run, eluding an increasingly obsessive Mitch and his lethal henchmen. When, despite Slim's efforts to make a new life, Mitch finds her and threatens her again, she puts Gracie in safe keeping, toughens herself mentally and physically and sets out to prove to Mitch she's had enough.

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Matthew O Sanford

Matthew O Sanford

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